Traffic, Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety Committee

As a result of several serious pedestrian and bicycle accidents in Regent Square in the past ten years, RSCA organized the Traffic, Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety Committee. The Committee consists of residents from the four municipalities in Regent Square and representatives from local non-profits. The Committee usually meets at 7:00pm on the third Thursday of each month at CLASS (1400 S. Braddock Ave.). If you are planning on attending, please contact us to confirm meeting details.

The current goal of the Committee is to achieve SLOW & STEADY traffic along the S. Braddock Ave. corridor for the benefit of ALL who use the road, while at the same time avoiding inadvertently diverting traffic to residential side streets or negatively impacting the business community.

There was a public meeting held by the borough of Swissvale in February 2017 in regards to planned safety improvements along the South Braddock Avenue corridor (a project which is being done in coordination with Edgewood borough). The boroughs have shared the presentation from that evening so that we can share it with the community. We are pleased to be able to share this information with the neighborhood, but remember that any questions or concerns should be sent directly to the municipalities.

South Braddock Avenue – Public Meeting

RSCA was saddened and distressed to learn of the pedestrian who was hit by a car on January 17, 2017 at Sanders & S. Braddock Avenues. We understand many residents and business owners are concerned about the state of traffic, bicycle & pedestrian safety along South Braddock Avenue, and the RSCA shares in those concerns. We encourage all residents and business owners to contact their local elected officials in Edgewood and Swissvale to express your experiences, concerns and ideas for improving safety along South Braddock Avenue through Regent Square.

From the December 2016 edition of the RSCA Newsletter:

Grant Received for Safety Improvements Along S Braddock Ave
RSCA and its Traffic, Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety (TPBS) Committee are excited that the boroughs of Edgewood and Swissvale are working together to improve safety for all who use the South Braddock Avenue corridor where it is shared between the municipalities, including through the Regent Square Business District. The boroughs collaboratively applied for and received a Federal Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) grant to support these safety improvements.
The Roadway Safety Audit (RSA) of South Braddock Avenue that was completed by the Southwest Planning Commission in 2014 will inform some of the improvements that this grant will support. However, RSCA feels strongly that community input must also be solicited and included in the design of these safety improvements in order to get a full picture of how all invested parties utilize South Braddock Avenue – pedestrians, cars, and bicycles, as well as businesses and residents.
RSCA is particularly concerned that the planned improvements include community input, particularly about the two major intersections in the business district of Regent Square: Sanders and South Braddock, as well as Hutchinson and South Braddock.
At Sanders, Edgewood and Swissvale are proposing to add “No Crossing” signs to prohibit pedestrians crossing at this intersection. The Roadway Safety Audit did identify Sanders as the intersection with the most safety incidents in recent history, but it did not suggest such signs for this intersection. RSCA strongly opposes the “No Crossing” signs, as do many in the community.
 At the stoplight at Hutchinson, Edgewood and Swissvale are proposing to eliminate the exclusive pedestrian crossing signal. In lieu of the exclusive pedestrian crossing signal, they propose that pedestrians would cross Hutchinson or Braddock with the green light and would have a three second lead to start across the intersection prior to the light changing for cars. RSCA also strongly opposes this idea.
 RSCA strongly urges Edgewood and Swissvale to actively solicit community input on this exciting TAP grant and related improvements along South Braddock Avenue. RSCA also encourages Edgewood and Swissvale residents and business owners, as well as anyone who utilizes the business district in Regent Square, to contact the Edgewood and Swissvale Borough Councils and attend upcoming Council meetings to share their concerns on this issue.
 By working together, a safer South Braddock Avenue can be created for all.

Recent Accomplishments of the Committee:


  • City of Pittsburgh prepared a schematic design for improvements to the Forbes, Guthrie, Biddle and Whitney intersections.
  • City of Pittsburgh applied to PennDOTs Multimodal Transportation Fund to cover improvements to the above intersections.
  • ECS distributed committee-created pedestrian and bicycle safety information to parents.
  • Pittsburgh Councilman Corey O’Connor organized a meeting with representatives from Pittsburgh, Edgewood, Swissvale, SPC and the Committee to facilitate collaboration and implementation of the desired safety improvements.


  • SPC carried out a Road Safety Audit (RSA) along S. Braddock Ave. from Meade St. to the Rankin Bridge. The resulting observations resulted in suggestions for safety improvements to the corridor.
  • SPC consultant AECOM, met with the committee and the municipalities to review RSA suggestions, obtain feedback and estimate implementation costs.
  • The Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission (SPC) proposed an inter-municipal pilot project for the purpose of obtaining funding for safety improvements along the S. Braddock corridor.
  • Subsequently, Swissvale and Edgewood jointly applied for SPC’s Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) funding to cover the cost of the safety improvements proposed from Hutchinson to the Parkway.
  • Port Authority approved adjustments to bus stop locations as per RSA suggestions.
  • Committee and community members participated in a survey prioritizing the RSA suggestions. Results were then given to the municipalities.
  • Pittsburgh Traffic Engineering Dept. adjusted School Zone signal timing to better coincide with arrival and dismissal times at both Environmental Charter School (ECS) and Shadyside Academy.
  • Pittsburgh Dept. of Public Works installed No Parking signs near the ECS north campus to address poor pedestrian crossing visibility.
  • Pittsburgh Dept. of Police installed “Your Speed Is” signs in order to evaluate traffic speeds near both ECS campuses.
  • PennDOT provided additional “Yield to Pedestrian” paddle signs for ECS
  • Pedestrian and bicycle safety information distributed to ECS students


  • In 2014, as a result of the Committee’s advocacy work, the Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission (SPC) carried out a Road Safety Audit along S. Braddock Ave. from Meade St. to the Rankin Bridge. The resulting observations resulted in suggestions for safety improvements to the corridor.
  • The Committee and SPC are now meeting and working with the municipalities along the S. Braddock corridor, PennDOT, Port Authority and local schools to prioritize RSA suggestions, and obtain funds to implement high priority items

    Past Actions summarizes the progress of the committee before 2014.