Business District Tree Planting

Currently - The trees in Regent Square are very important to us all – they provide shade, beauty, and character to our beloved neighborhood. RSCA continues to work with Tree Pittsburgh and Nine Mile Run Watershed Association in order to ensure that young trees in the business district are properly watered, and that any trees that may have been injured can be replaced.

Spring 2011 to 2015 - RSCA, in collaboration with Tree Pittsburgh and the Nine Mile Run Watershed Association, completed a mass replanting of dead and ailing trees and a planting of additional trees in and next to the Regent Square business district. This effort was part of the state-wide TreeVitalize program which is working in partnership with community groups, non-profits, and municipal agencies to plant 20,000 trees by 2012 throughout the Pittsburgh region in order to improve quality of life and the environment. In June of 2011, RSCA invited Braddock Ave. business and property owners to a brunch-time presentation on this effort. You can see a summary of the discussion [.pdf] , or a  site plan[.pdf] .

Fall 2005 to 2011 - In Fall 2007, the RSCA Tree Committee completed a project to beautify S. Braddock Avenue by planting trees. This effort will also work to slow traffic on this busy street by creating a “green tunnel” effect and by reinforcing the impression that this is a neighborhood where people live. Through 2011, they have planted 38 trees and 500 daffodil bulbs. They also pruned and mulched trees in the Business District. The Tree Committee will continue to monitor and prune these trees over the next several years, and will do more planting as funds become available.