Business District Tree Lighting

In 2007, RSCA started the Business District Tree Lighting as a new neighborhood initiative to mark the winter season. Starting each year in November, the trees along the main business corridor of Regent Square (in the 1000 and 1100 blocks of South Braddock Avenue) are lit in an effort to brighten dark winter nights and to help add some seasonal cheer to the community. The lights twinkle along South Braddock Avenue until mid-March. RSCA is proud that the Winter Tree Lighting has remained an annual tradition for the past seven years.

For the 2014-2015 Winter Tree Lighting season, the existing lights were replaced with energy-efficient LED (light emitting diode) strands. LEDs offer several advantages over conventional incandescent bulbs, including a longer lifetime (200,000 hours compared to 3,000 for incandescents), substantially reduced energy requirements, and added durability. By switching to LEDs, it is estimated to result in a 90% reduction in the amount of electricity required during the lighting season. This equates to a reduction in annual greenhouse gas emissions of approximately 10,000 pounds of carbon dioxide (the equivalent to the emissions from burning 500 gallons of gasoline or 4,800 pounds of coal.) While it’s a small step toward reducing Regent Square’s footprint on the environment, it is representative of the values of our community.

Business District Tree Lighting can only continue as a beloved neighborhood tradition with your support. RSCA extends a warm THANK YOU to the following donors for supporting the 2014-2015 Winter Tree Lighting season:

61B Cafe

Cibo Restaurant

Concept Art Gallery

Crawford Ellenbogen LLC-CPAs

David J. Sultanov, DMD, PC

Environmental Charter School

Eyes on Regent Square

Fashion Fix Boutique

Law Offices of Kathleen D. Schneider

Litzinger Career Consulting

M. Davis Group, LLC

Mabro Company

Marquette Law Office

Murphy’s Tap Room

Neighborhood Realty Services

Nine Mile Run Watershed Association

Shaolin Studios

Square Cafe

Square Wash

Time-4-You Personal Assistants, LLC

Typhoon Lighting

Christine Abbott

Michelle Megarry Acord

Allen & Doreen Alexander

Leslie Butler

Greg & Monica Cooney

Lisa Dennis & Joan Maser

Rene Downey

Marian Edwards

Andrea Elliott

Tom & Howard Esper

Alice Flocos

Jerome & Diane Halpern

Lee & Barbara Hicks

Suzanne & Edward Kalson

Ken & Diana Kuligowski

Judy Kuperstein

Jared Leinbach & Tara McCrohan

Peter Lewis

Bob & Virginia Linn

Joyce Fahey Martin

Andrew & Lauren Miller

Constance Monaghan

Kathleen Mulligan & Dan McKinley

Michael & Nancy Murphy

James Palmiero & James Musgrave

Arch Pelley

Susan Petrella

Charlene Picone

Jean Pletcher

Sandra Seip

Francis & Teresa Simuel

Eloise Smith & Sharon Hadley

Andrey Tatarinov

Gwen Vargas

Clark & Jean Walter

Judy Werner

Kay Wetzel

(list updated 2/28/15)