Regent Square Street Map

A common question heard around the area is “What exactly is Regent Square, and what streets make up its boundaries?” Regent Square is not a municipal entity but rather a neighborhood that includes portions of four different municipalities: Pittsburgh, Edgewood, Swissvale and Wilkinsburg.

The length of South Braddock Avenue, and its business district, runs down the heart of Regent Square from Forbes Avenue to the Parkway East (I-376). The boundaries of the neighborhood are best defined by several streets and/or landmarks:

  • Frick Park on the West
  • Forbes Avenue (and eventually a jog onto Union Street) to the North
  • Pennwood Avenue to the East, and of course,
  • Parkway East (I-376) to the South.

This Regent Square Boundary Map shows a map with these boundaries drawn. Note that within the Business District, the western side of South Braddock Ave is part of Swissvale, while the eastern side of South Braddock Ave is part of Edgewood.

More maps and a satellite image are available from Google. And to determine the exact municipality your home is in, search for your address in the Allegheny County Real Estate website.

You can also view a topographic map of Regent Square, circa 1925 [.jpg]. The map, which predates the Parkway East, shows Nine Mile Run as a mostly open stream flowing from Wilkinsburg along the eastern edge of Regent Square through Edgewood and into Frick Park. You can also see the original route of Braddock Ave, as it jogged slightly to the east as it crossed Nine Mile Run. Parts of this cobblestone road, with its streetcar rails still visible, can be seen today as you approach lower Frick Park near CLASS (1400 S. Braddock Avenue).