Business Listing Information

The Regent Square community is lucky to have a vibrant business district in the 1100 and 1200 blocks of South Braddock Avenue, as well as a number of active home-based businesses and non-profit organizations throughout the neighborhood. The RSCA encourages this thriving entrepreneurial spirit by listing businesses in this directory and including articles about them in the RSCA Newsletter and on the RSCA Facebook page.

RSCA would like to extend a special thanks to those businesses and organizations who support the RSCA through their annual RSCA Business Membership dues. Current Business Members are given special recognition in the Business Directory by including:

– detailed description (up to 50 words)
– business logo (jpg or gif format. Maximum size 150 pixels wide by 120 pixels), and
– hotlinks to their email address and/or website

Be sure to support our local business owners and non-profits who add a unique character to our community!

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